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Envalior (Geleen)

  • Elektronica, VAPRO
  • Junior, Medior, Senior
  • Latest update 2/20/2024
  • Kunststofindustrie, Procesindustrie

About the company Envalior

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Who is Envalior?

Founded in 2023, but with a combined heritage of more than 100 years, Envalior enters the market as a leading global engineering materials powerhouse offering new and innovative solutions for today's world. Envalior brings together two highly complementary established players, DSM Engineering Materials and LANXESS High Performance Materials.

We offer a uniquely positioned portfolio of long-standing material, application and design expertise, creating real and meaningful value for our customers and the larger global society.
To grow this leading global engineering materials company, we are hiring new colleagues to strengthen the foundation for the new organization. This is the perfect time to influence change, be part of something new and exciting, make, create and develop the best in ALL WORLDS and be part of something truly innovative, inspiring and transformative.
Do you want to be a part of this exciting journey ahead? Do you enjoy working in an international, energetic and collaborative team? Then you are the operator we are looking for.

Operator Stanyl


The challenge:
Envalior Stanyl is looking for an operator at the Chemelot Site who can develop with us and grow into an agile high performance production organization.
To achieve this, mindset and behavior is one of the most important spearheads. With the right attitude, we can combine all strengths and be successful in achieving our goals.
To achieve our ambitious goals, we are looking for an Outdoor Operator for Stanyl with growth opportunities.
In this role you will be part of the Production Team of two Stanyl factories. You work in continuous duty and report to the Chief of Duty Stanyl. In addition to the CvD, each of the 5 shifts consists of one measuring room operator and at least one outside operator.
Stanyl is a very challenging and dynamic environment.

Your activities:

As an Operator Stanyl you will have the following focus areas:

  • Independently manage and monitor the research runs in a safe and responsible manner within the applicable rules and/or procedures
  • Consult with the Chief of Duty about activities and details.
  • Co-responsible for realising and securing customer satisfaction in terms of volume, type and quality.
  • Transferring and maintaining the knowledge of the Stanyl process.
  • Making proposals for improvement of HSE, efficiency of output and organization.
  • Releasing installations to maintenance for maintenance/repair.
  • Minimizing plant stoppages.
  • Addressing anyone who irresponsibly handles the HSE and Security rules and reporting them to management.


The ideal candidate has:

  • Knowledge of the standard condition of equipment, relevant procedures (SHE) and operating instructions
  • Knowledge of chemical plants
  • VAPRO C or equivalent.
  • Potential to grow in the Stanyl environment in the long term and employability at both production locations
  • Knowledge of relevant safety aspects and leads by example
  • Independent functioning and pro-active attitude.
  • Experience in a multidisciplinary context at junior / medior / senior level in a dynamic environment.

Procedure & Contact: If you are interested in this position,
you can apply online by sending a CV and cover letter.
Stanyl is a high-quality polyamide that is resistant to high temperatures and is therefore mainly used in the automotive industry and electronics. Furthermore, Stanyl plays an increasingly important role in new applications for plastics. Due to the ever-increasing demand for Stanyl and new product developments, the focus of the existing Stanyl plant in Geleen is on increasing capacity.
The Stanyl is located on the Chemelot site in Geleen. Factories of various other renowned players in the chemical industry are also located here.
The plants usually consist of several production units (including the necessary logistical facilities) and are led by a Plant Manager (PM). Each PM has a production organisation that concentrates on the realisation of the 'Operate Plant' work process.

Envalior is er trots op een werkgever te zijn voor gelijke kansen op werk en positieve actie. We discrimineren niet op basis van ras, religie, huidskleur, nationale afkomst, geslacht (inclusief zwangerschap, bevalling of gerelateerde medische aandoeningen), seksuele geaardheid, genderidentiteit, geslachtsuitdrukking, leeftijd, status als beschermde veteraan, status als individu met een handicap, of andere toepasselijke wettelijk beschermde kenmerken.
Als u vanwege een handicap hulp of huisvesting nodig heeft, kunt u contact met ons opnemen via [email protected]

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